The following list of resources is intended to illustrate the scope of Australian maritime history, as an engaging starting point for researchers, maritime history enthusiasts, students and teachers, and is not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive.

Section: Image collections

Section: Historic vessels and watercraft collections in Australia

Section: Maritime Museums in Australia

Section: Navy and Defence

Section: Indigenous Maritime Culture and History

Section: Organisations

Section: Maritime History Educational Resources for Teachers and Students

 Section: On-line exhibitions and Virtual Tours

Section: Maritime Heritage Trails

Section: Researching maritime heritage

Commonwealth and State Records archives hold  a treasure trove of information on maritime history, not all of which is yet digitized, including ship registers, historic charts, Government Gazettes and Notices to Mariners, Harbours Masters’ and Harbour and Light Departments’ records, Colonial Secretaries’ correspondence, crew lists and reports of wrecks. Below are listed some on-line resources relevant to Australian researchers: