Maritime History: The AAMH

  • What is Maritime History?

    Maritime history is the study of people and their activities in, on, around and under the waters of the world. This includes oceans, estuaries, rivers, and creeks.

  • Who we are

    The AAMH is run by an Executive Council that has officers from all States and Territories. The AAMH is not restricted to Australia and Australian maritime history: its membership and field of interest are international in scope. Go to Publications Page for more about the AAMH's contribution to maritime history.

Emeritus Professor Alan Frost Wins AAMH - ANMM National Book Prize (Go to Prizes page for details)
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September 2021 Issue of the Newsletter out now click here to download from Newsletter Archives | The Australian Association for Maritime History (
Call for Papers for The Great Circle - Special Submarine Issue
Please contact Dr Erika Techera ([email protected]), editor of The Great Circle if you are interested in submitting a paper for consideration for the next issue exploring any relevant research, including:
• the history of submarines in naval, military and defence contexts;
• the use of submarines in marine archaeological research and historical oceanic exploration;
• submarines as subjects of heritage protection;
• the historical, civil uses of submarines; and
• articles exploring sites and objects, events, organisations and people associated with submarines. .
The submission date for manuscripts is 30 June 2021, for publication in the second biannual edition for 2021.
Online Talks from the Australian National Maritime Museum: Go to the Events Page for details. 

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Indian Ocean Studies Conference – 12-13 November 2021
Continuity and Change in the Indian Ocean in an Age of Uncertainty

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Australian Wooden Boat Festival: Photo: Sven Beicher