This paper on the AAMH's contribution to maritime history in Australia was delivered to the International Maritime History Association Congress in 2016 contributing-to-australias-maritime-history-v2

The AAMH has produced, or assisted in the production of many other maritime history publications. Here is a cross-section of some of these publications.


During the war, Fremantle was an important international base for over 170 US, British and Dutch submarines. The secrecy surrounding the operation of the base meant that its existence was little known at the time and, until now, largely forgotten by history.Lynne Cairns, Secret Fleets: Fremantle’s World War II Submarine Base (ISBN 9781920843526; Revised enlarged 2nd edition).


Graeme Broxam, Shipping Arrivals and Departures: Tasmania (Volume 3 1843-1850; ISBN 0-0586561-3-4).

A Roebuck Book published by Navarine Publishing with financial assistance from the Australian Association for Maritime History.


Stuart M. Frank, Oooh, You New York Girls!: The Urban Pastorale in Ballads and Songs about Sailors Ashore in the Big City (ISBN 0-937854-34-4)

C0-published by the Kendall Whaling Museum and the Australian Association for Maritime History.

Malcolm Tull (comp.), A Bibliography of University Theses on Australian Maritime History (ISBN 0-9681288-0-7)History. This publication contains the text of Stuart Frank’s Vaughan Evans Memorial Lecture, delivered at the Western Australian Maritime Museum in Fremantle on 11 November 1995.

No Date

Published for the Australian Association for Maritime History by the International Maritime Economic History Association, St. John’s Newfoundland.

A. G. E. Jones, Ships Employed in the South Seas Trade (1775-1859 (ISBN 0-646-09183-2))

Published by A.G.E. Jones jointly with the Australian Association for Maritime History.

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