Ian Hoskins wins National Book Prize

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2023 Australian Association for Maritime History and  Australian National Maritime Museum Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Book Prize is Ian Hoskins, for his book Australia & the Pacific: A History (2021, NewSouth Publishing, Sydney).  

Book prize judges Dr Ross Anderson, Dr Peter Hobbins and Professor Wendy van Duivenvoorde considered that:
"Ian Hoskins’ study of Australia’s relationship with the Pacific Ocean is masterfully woven and convincingly demonstrates how the geography of the Pacific and its cultures have influenced our climate, society, economy, politics and national identity. The narrative spans millennia, from deep time through to European exploration, colonisation (with discussion of Australia both as a colony and a coloniser), the Cold War and a future focused on the urgent challenges of climate change. Australia and the Pacific dissects the core of our identity as a multicultural nation and puts into context our place in the world’s largest ocean."
From fourteen entries, the judges shortlisted two other books for the prize: 
Mike Carlton, The Scrap Iron Flotilla: Five valiant destroyers and the Australian war in the Mediterranean (2022, William Heinemann) 
Ruth Balint and Julie Kalman,  Smuggled: An illegal history of journeys to Australia (NewSouth Publishing)
All three shortlisted books are recommended for offering vibrant new perspectives, and for furthering the study and enjoyment of maritime history in Australia, in line with the aims of the Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Book Prize. (https://aamh.asn.au/events/prizes.html)
The 2023 Australian Community Maritime History Prize, was awarded to Ian Ferrier, John Oxley Odyssey: The life and times of a 1927 steamer (2022).
The Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Book Prize, and Australian Community Maritime History Prize winners receive awards of $8000 and $2000 respectively, supported by the Australian Association for Maritime History (AAMH) and  Australian National Maritime Museum.

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