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The Association has membership to accommodate Students, Individuals and Corporate/Institutional members:-

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Discounted for Students <18 years









Membership Fees are in A$ and are for 'a single calendar year' i.e. 1 January to 31 December, with payment due before 1 March of the membership year.
All Members receive one copy of publications created by the Association in the year of membership only:-

  • 2 printed issues of The Great Circle journal - usually published end of June and December; and
  • 2 printed/electronic issues of the Association Newsletter - usually published end of March and September.

The Association reserves the right to vary the number and timing of any publications produced during any year.

Please ignore any automated messages that asks you to register or renew your user name. There is no need to do this to access our website.

To join or to renew your existing membership and paying by PayPal then select one of the following:-

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  •  International

Wanting to pay by EFT? Then download an application form and send your completed application to:-

The Treasurer
Australian Association for Maritime History
PO Box 1873
Fremantle, 6959
Western Australia

If paying by any currency other than Australian Dollars, please add the equivalent of A$25 to cover our banks deposit processing fee.
Back copies of The Great Circle journal can also be ordered by email from the Secretary.